IRSA provides open, scalable, enterprise class software solutions for the acquisition, management and distribution of evidentiary data. Our products are designed to aid law enforcement organizations with the capture of field video and audio files as well written field reports, still photos and other investigative data crucial to proper evidence management and case building.  IRSA also provides situational analytics tools designed to deliver actionable real time and historical information to the chain of command and officers on patrol.  IRSA offers three distinct but interconnected systems:  

  • IRSA In Car – a video recording system design to run on standard in-car laptop systems that easily integrates data from CAD, Ticketing and Reporting systems 
  • IRSA Mobile – a wearable video and audio recording system running on standard cell phone hardware 
  • IRSA Enterprise – a web-based asset management system that provides real time and historical insights into incidents, crime trends and force deployment 

While IRSA In Car and Mobile are designed to collect media and information and provide tactical situational awareness, IRSA Enterprise enables the organization, management and analysis of media and metadata.  Although our components may be taken separately, IRSA is an integrated system that can generate knowledge for the chain of command and provide great benefits from data that previously could not be collected and effectively mined for trends in a cost effective manner.  All IRSA products are open systems capable of integrating data from legacy systems and third parties.   

 Features & Benefits 

  • In-car and mobile multimedia and metadata acquisition 
  • Open solutions allow data integration from disparate sources and systems 
  • Efficient workflow decreases time spent on case preparation 
  • Secure, automated data management facilitates proper chain of evidence 
  • Improves force deployment by providing measurement of officers’ time/location 
  • Situational awareness provides critical information to officers on the ground 
  • Real time and historical analytics tools provide insight into crime trends 
  • Data and asset management system can be cloud hosted or installed locally 
  • Software solutions with no proprietary hardware to install and maintain