Smile! You’re On Camera: GPD Adds New Body-Worn Cams

Getac Video Solutions

Nearly 100 new body-worn cameras are being utilized by officers with the Goldsboro Police Department.

Captain Karl Rabun with the GPD says the new body cams are more user-friendly for officers, providing clearer images and longer battery life. The new cameras are constantly running and the units start recording when turned on manually or when an officer turns on their vehicle’s blue emergency lights. The recorded video is uploaded to the city’s servers as the body-worn cameras are being charged either in the police cruisers or at the police station.

Rabun says the cameras provide unbiased transparency, and they’re already coming in handy for the department. Goldsboro Police Chief Mike West says the department’s policy outlines when the body-worn cameras will be used, and disciplinary action is taken if officers aren’t following the requirements. Chief West says the body-worn video is reviewed regularly.

West says the Goldsboro Police Department has embraced body-worn cameras, and the technology is beneficial to the officers and the community. The funds for the 97 new Getac body-worn cams, equipment and software came from a $178,000 N.C. Governor’s Crime Commission Grant. Goldsboro paid about $89,000 for its share of the grant.

The new Getac body-worn cameras come with a five year warranty.