Midland, Michigan Police Department Updates Outdated and Failing Video Equipment

This past June, the Midland, MI Police Department equipped its force with rugged Getac Video Solutions’ body-worn cameras. And soon, they will be enhancing their program by adding Getac Video in-car systems for seamless video and software solutions.

Midland, MI Police Chief Clifford Block wrote a letter to City Council explaining the benefits to his department. “Potential benefits from the use of in-car video systems continue to far outweigh the associated costs,” said Block. The purchase of 12 Getac In-Car Video Systems was recently approved by the Midland City Council in support of a connected and protected Midland police force.

“In-car video systems provide an unbiased account of events during recorded traffic stops and encounters with the public and serve as an invaluable tool for encounters that may be called into question.” – Midland Police Chief Clifford Block

In an earlier interview by the Midland Daily News, Police Chief Block further explained that the Getac Video systems will result in enhanced officer safety, reduced police department liability, transparency for the community, improved conviction rates and more opportunities for scenario-specific police training.

Getac Video Solutions is proud to support the Midland, MI Police Department.