Shakopee Police Department Sees value in GVS

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Shakopee Police Department Sees value in GVS

In 2016, the city of Shakopee, MN received a $60,000 matching grant from the

Department of Justice to develop a body worn camera policy and purchase the necessary equipment, intending to add accountability and security. “The camera protects the officer and the public by showing what transpires in our interactions,” Officer Jeff Wyckoff said.

After researching other departments’ policies, gathering community input and testing various devices, the department found Getac Video to have the best solution. In March, they started using the Getac Video system of body cameras, a solution that integrates with its squad’s in-car video system.

The Benefits

Since the use of these cameras, the Shakopee Police Department has found many benefits. Ease of use was an important factor in integrating new technology. According to Captain Chris Dellwo, “For the most part the transition has been quite smooth. Officers have embraced the technology and the success rate at which we are seeing it being used indicates it is very user friendly.”

The Getac Video body cameras are also great for capturing essential evidence, not only for cases, but also for reducing liabilities. The body worn cameras capture video on the scene as something is happening. Its included triggers set off the cameras when an officer may need it the most, so it captures crucial evidence. Studies have shown that body worn cameras reduce the number of complaints against officers. “Video is also a tremendous tool in resolving complaints and concerns of officers’ actions. Not only does it lend itself to transparency of police operations, but research has shown that people’s behavior is positively modified when they know they are being recorded,” Dellwo said.

Lastly, the reliable build and the superior technology of the Getac Video body worn cameras have made them stand out from the rest. Its HD video works well in low-light, they have great storage capacity and long battery life, and the software is easy to use. Plus, they are easily integrated with other cameras and the real time command center, providing a bonus for the Shakopee Police Department.