Solutions Architect: Bringing Passion and Technology Know-How to Getac Video Solutions

Getac Video Solutions

When Kaleb McDaniel was little, he had dreams of becoming a police officer. Unfortunately, a back injury from a car accident in his teenage years changed those plans. But it didn’t alter his desire to work in public safety or his desire to help others. So, he found a different way to do it. Now, he spends his days supplying hardware and software solutions to law enforcement as the Lead Solutions Architect (SA) at Getac Video Solutions. “It really interested me to be able to provide a solution to a sector, the public safety sector, that I always wanted to be a part of,” McDaniel said. “I get satisfaction knowing I’m providing the solutions to [police] to improve their efficiency and to manage their community.”

The Role of the Solutions Architect

The main purpose of the SA is to be the technical resource for both the sales managers and the clients, according to McDaniel. That role takes many forms:

  • – Mapping out what solutions Getac Video offers to successfully fit client needs.
  • – Traveling with sales managers to help present the technical portions of the hardware and software capabilities.
  • – Providing demos and training to agencies that are using their solution for either a trial or full-time deployment. This includes traveling to the agencies’ location, helping set up the gear, and delivering tailored training to different job titles so everyone understands how to use the solution in their specific role.
  • – Helping to deploy hardware solutions, including body-worn cameras, in-car cameras and interview room solutions. This includes installing routers and direct current installation in vehicles.
  • – Managing full-scale deployments, from scheduling the day and time they will arrive onsite, to setting up their server. Depending on the size of the agency, deployments can take a few days, a month or even longer.
  • – Leading scenario testing that a potential client requests. While this is rare, McDaniel has had to run Getac Video gear through specific scenarios to demonstrate how it will perform in real-life situations.
  • – Providing Getac Video with feedback from clients so they can continue to improve their solutions and accommodate agency desires. Learn how the feedback turns into solutions here.
  • – Is the “go-to guy for solving problems for clients that may be experiencing issues,” said McDaniel.

The ultimate goal is “to ensure we’ve really delivered what the client is looking for and solved all their needs,” McDaniel said.

To do all of this, an SA must have a technical background, problem-solving mentality, the drive to learn since technology is always evolving, and be savvy in hardware installations.

What sets Getac Video Solutions Architects apart

The role of the SA is not necessarily unique to Getac Video; however, the responsibilities, the way they manage accounts and how they are used at Getac Video is remarkably different to competitors.

McDaniel vividly remembers a conversation he had with a small agency in New Jersey. He had tagged along with the sales manager and a new SA to provide some in-field training and help the SA if needed. It was a small opportunity, less than a dozen body-worn cameras and in-car cameras would be needed, and the agency was just starting the trial phase. “They made a comment to me,” McDaniel said. “They were amazed that we took the effort, spent the money to get out there and be onsite to successfully implement our hardware and successfully train our hardware just for trial.” In comparison, the client said, gear from another company was just being shipped to them with little guidance. “They really liked the touch that we had to not count them out just because of their opportunity size,” McDaniel said.

There is a lot of pride in the work McDaniel and his team does. “I think the functionality and the reliability of the products we offer our clients is what I am most proud of,” McDaniel said. “Being that I had always dreamt of being an officer, the fact that I am able to serve them to help them serve their community…I take pride in the fact that our solution is solving their problems and improving the livelihood of those officers out there in the field.”

Getac Video protects and serves you while you protect and serve others. Visit our website or give us a call to set up a demo with one of our Solutions Architects—maybe even Kaleb himself!