Street SMARTS in a SMART City

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SMART technology—including SMART phones, SMART TVs and SMART watches—is constantly evolving. And all this technology can be taken to a whole new level with the innovation of SMART cities.  

What is a SMART City? 

A SMART city uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to create efficiencies in city functions and improve the quality of life for its residents. This data can be incorporated in various ways to monitor and manage traffic, power plants and water supply and send data to those who need it.   

SMART City Benefits in Law Enforcement 

For law enforcement agencies, SMART cities mean instant access to data and information. Officials obtain footage and other data as soon as an event happens, giving them the information they need in the field or on the way to a situation. The vast amounts of data from body-worn, in-car and traffic cameras ensure agency personnel have access to information.  

SMART city technology also provides up-to-date information on traffic conditions, giving commuters information about delays or accidents so they know what to expect.  

The city of Detroit, Michigan, has implemented SMART city technologies and in 2018 created the “world’s smartest intersection.” AI technology utilizes cameras and other sensors to react to situations in real time. For example, if a jaywalker were to cross the intersection, the technology could trigger instant stoplights for emergency vehicles, if needed, or alert other drivers of the jaywalker. Remote monitoring and connected traffic signals allow for immediate response time. According to Smart Cities Dive, a publication that highlights the SMART city industry, “Since rolling out the initial stages of the tech, Detroit has seen travel times reduced by 30%.” And the city plans to keep advancing towards a unified SMART city.1  

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