Tech Review: Getac Real Time Command

Getac Video Solutions

Law enforcement personnel greatly benefit from using the internet of things (IoT)—which is the interconnectedness of computing devices in objects that can send and receive data through the internet. These objects include anything with a sensor on it or a computing device such as cell phones and cameras. This data can all be sent to a command center like Getac Real Time Command from Getac Video Solutions.  

Getac Real Time Command is a platform that provides the tools you need to gather, categorize and decipher all your data from the internet of things. Below is a deeper look at features of this police situational awareness system. 

Fully Integrated System 

Getac Real Time Command is fully integrated—it can pull information in real time from a variety of critical data sources, including other systems, databases and industry-standard ESRI maps. Everything is in one spot—no more disjointed systems wasting your time and making it difficult to sift through data. The real-time feature sends you information about situations as they are happening, ensuring you are the most informed you can be before making a decision.  

Ease of Use and Accessibility 

When we created Getac Real Time Command, we made sure that it was easy to use and accessible. Point-and-click technology ensures you can manage your data as easily and quickly as possible. The secure modular platform is web-based, which allows you to take your workspace with you anywhere or share your workspace with anyone—whether you’re in the office or in the field. The platform is easily customizable. Click and drag data to where you want it on the workspace, so you can view the data in a way that’s clearest for you. You can also save workspaces for future similar scenarios, so you don’t need to rebuild everything back out each time a situation arises.  

We paired Getac Real Time Command with IoT so you can manage data and research most efficiently. You’re there to protect and serve, using data that is easy to look for, gather and manage. Get everything you need at your fingertips—in real time. 

To learn more about these features, click here to watch a demo video.