Toledo Police Re-Outfit Their Officers with GVS Body-Worn Cameras

Toledo, OH (November 20, 2018): The Toledo Police Department is once again outfitting patrol officers with body-worn cameras. After unforeseen challenges with technological compatibility that led to the return of all 304 L3 body-worn cameras in April of 2018, the Toledo Police Department switched to the Getac Video Solutions Body-Worn Cameras. The roughly $228,000 in capital improvement and JAG grant funds, awarded by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and used for the original body-worn camera system, have been reallocated. The funds were used to purchase 311 Getac Video Body-Worn Cameras, seven more than with the previous vendor. Those cameras are now being issued to all patrol officers. 

The field testing and selection phase for the new body-worn camera system began in May 2018 with officers preferring the Getac Video Solutions Body-Worn Cameras.