In-Car Video

VR-X20 F1

Getac Video Solutions continues to push the limit of In-Car Video with the newest member of the VR-X20 lineup. The new VR-X20 F1 allows to outfit their fleet with a full-fledged, feature-risch, fully capable video solutions with the most competitive prices on the market.

F1 comes with the full HD wide-angle ZeroDark™ cameras and the best-in-class 5-inch touch display, combining F1 with a Getac Body-Worn Camera allows officers to use the BWC as the wireless microphone, reducing the number of devices needed to carry and manage.

Key Features

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with Body-Worn Cameras that can replace wireless mic.

Powerful and Efficient

Run at 100% capacity at 160 degrees F temperature

Backup Battery

Powerfull backup battery keeps you fully functional in case of vehicle collision or dead battery

Built-In LTE and WiFi

Built-in LTE and Wi-Fi provides critical communication paths for your application, computer, and video needs. Adopts to your VPN such as NewMotion and Cisco AnyConnect. System may be purchased without LTE.t


I/O Interfaces:
2x POE RJ45
1x Ethernet RJ45
2x Audio jacks with GBPI RJ45
1x USB 2
1x USB 3
1x Control Unit Port
1x Full Size HDMI
8x GPIO Input
4x GPIO Output
2x Aux Power
2x LTE MiMo SMA (Optional)