In-Car Video

ZeroDark™ Dual Lens Camera

Getac’s ZeroDark™ HD Dual Lens Camera provides superior recording in all conditions with a minimal in-car footprint. The compact camera uses line-by-line technology and combines an ultra-wide, 180° lens with a 70° lens, giving officers unprecedented visibility over single-camera models.

Key Features

Top Camera 180° FOV (Diagonal)

The ultra-wide top lens provides a 180° field of view, giving officers the full picture of events in the front of the vehicle.

Bottom Camera 70° FOV (Diagonal)

The bottom 70° lens focuses on smaller areas to provide a more detailed view.

Total Rotation Range

By combining the wide-angle of the top camera with the flexible rotation of the bottom camera, officers get a viewing angle of 360° around the vehicle, with 250° of potential coverage. When paired with a body-worn camera, officers have maximum coverage.

True HD

Capable of 1080p Full HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR), the ZeroDark™ HD Dual Lens Camera delivers a panoramic view with stunning detail and balance.

Low Light Viewing

Both cameras feature exceptional low-light performance and are capable of capturing clear detail with dim, ambient or indirect illumination. The ultra-wide top camera captures detail at .03 Lux.

Compact Design

At only 2.5″ height by 2.3″ width, the smaller profile combined with our new mount keeps the camera close to the windshield for less in-car clutter.